Why The Polished Turd?

So, I’ve had many blogs before but this time I paid for this site so I’m going to use it dammit! I know I’m going to get asked why I named this blog The Polished Turd so I thought I’d just address it straight away.

We are all as human beings turds. None of us are perfect and we all do shitty things to each other. We like to get an education and do things to make us look or feel better such as volunteering but we all have moments where we are assholes. I am not exempt from this. So my term for what people to do to make themselves feel or look better is polishing the turd. We are all polished turds unless we’re just straight up assholes and I’ve met a few in my lifetime. So that is why I named this blog The Polished Turd.

A little about myself.

HI! My name is Heather. I am 42 years old and I live in central Minnesota. I just graduated with a master’s degree in psychology which makes me look at things a bit differently than most people.  I have also had my own struggles with depression in the past which also helps me look at things differently. Both of these things also make me feel very awkward as an individual as well. I am married and have 4 kids.I now work in the mental health field helping people the way that people helped me. Some of my hobbies include hiking, ghost hunting, going to concerts, baseball, sleeping, hanging out with friends and baking.

I come from an extremely dysfunctional family and I am considered the black sheep. I’ve been to counseling for a number of years and have learned to set boundaries, I don’t drink and I don’t participate in the drama so I am often left out of family functions. As you can imagine this is a source of pain for me so I will be blogging about them once in a while.

My aim for this blog is to be able to have a way to vent my frustrations about some of the things I see in the news, in the world, within my groups, and just to express my opinion. My other goal for this blog is to hopefully be a source of encouragement for those struggling with depression or dysfunction in their lives. It can be helpful to see other people who are on the other side of recovery.

Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment saying Hi.

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